15 popular open source applications for macOS

A real open source enthusiast will be always looking for open source alternatives in any platforms. It is not that difficult to get a free software for any platform. The Prism Break portal has a list of free software that can be used to save yourself from the notorious Prims surveillance program.

The macOS operating system is often considered as a platform for paid software only. However, there are hundreds of free applications available for the macOS as well.
Mr. Don Watkins has shared a list of free applications that he uses with macOS.
I use open source tools whenever and wherever I can. I returned to college a while ago to earn a master's degree in educational leadership. Even though I switched from my favorite Linux laptop to a MacBook Pro (since I wasn't sure Linux would be accepted on campus), I decided I would keep using my favorite tools, even on MacOS, as much as I could.

Fortunately, it was easy, and no professor ever questioned what software I used. Even so, I couldn't keep a secret.

I knew some of my classmates would eventually assume leadership positions in school districts, so I shared information about the open source applications described below with many of my MacOS or Windows-using classmates. After all, open source software is really about freedom and goodwill. I also wanted them to know that it would be easy to provide their students with world-class applications at little cost. Most of them were surprised and amazed because, as we all know, open source software doesn't have a marketing team except users like you and me.

The list published by Watkins includes LibreOffice, Handbrake, Firefox, Audacity, VLC, OpenShot ..etc.
You can read the original article and learn more on the listed in applications in OpenSource.com portal

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