Q4OS 2.5 Scorpion offers option to install Plasm Desktop

The Q4OS team has announced the release of Q4OS 2.5, latest stable release of GNU/Linux distribution offering familiar desktop experience with Trinity Desktop. The Q4OS 2.5 offers option to install KDE Plasma Desktop along with current Trinity Desktop.

Despite the inclusion of KDE Plasma support, Q4OS installer will continue as usual, and after installation, if there is enough resources, the installer will offer option to install Plasma Desktop. It can coexist with Trinity Desktop.
A significant update to the Q4OS 2 Scorpion stable LTS is immediately available for download. The new 2.5 series brings an essential change adding KDE Plasma to be an equal option to the Trinity desktop, as Q4OS is now pre-configured for both desktops to coexist alongside each other. System installer configures the system the usual way, but decides afterwards to offer additional installation of the KDE Plasma desktop, if sufficient hardware resources detected. So a user can login and switch forth and back between lightweight efficient Trinity desktop and more advanced KDE Plasma desktop environment according to his choice.

Other changes include PulseAudio better system integration for easier audio management, Q4OS installer improvements, Firefox 60 and LibreOffice 6 installers, important security and bug fixes as well as cumulative upgrade covering all changes since the previous Q4OS 2 Scorpion stable release.
For more information, refer the release announcement published in Q4OS website.

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