Peppermint OS 9 released with Ubuntu 18.04 code base

The Peppermint team has announced the release of Peppermint OS 9. Peppermint OS is a desktop operating system integrating cloud-based application. The Peppermint OS 9 is based on Ubuntu 18.04 Long Term Supported (LTS) release and features components from multiple desktops.

Unlike many other distributions that discontinued 32-bit flavor, Peppermint OS still ships both 32-bit flavor and 64-bit flavor. This apparently shows the commitment of this distribution to support people using low resource laptops also.

The main highlights in Peppermint OS 9 release can be summarized as:
  • We have replaced lxrandr with xfce4-display-settings for monitor settings as we continue to look for better options that add functionality without adding weight and to continue the migration away from the few remaining LXDE components.
  • By user request the Menulibre menu editor is now installed by default, and no longer breaks the menus as it did in previous Peppermint versions.
  • Continuing the theme of the improved menu and launcher management, there is now a right-click “Create new launcher here” desktop context menu item.
  • The Nemo file manager now has a right-click “Send by email” context menu item. (requires an email client such as Thunderbird to be installed).
  • The Panel Reset function in the Peppermint Settings Panel no longer needs to log you out of your session to reset the panel
  • The Xfce Panel Switch utility is now installed by default, so you can now backup/restore any custom panel configurations and switch between them. It includes a Peppermint-9 default profile and a few others to play with.
  • The system Notification Settings (in the settings panel) now has a “Do Not Disturb” function or notifications can be enabled/disabled on a per-application basis.
  • Qt applications such as VLC now honor the system Gtk theme.
  • Gtk overlay scrollbars are now enabled by default, they’re growing on us ;)
  • Peppermint 9 now has both our normal Mintinstall software manager and Gnome Software for users that want Snaps/Flatpaks .. at its usual ‘Favorites’ position, You’ll find Gnome Software at:- Menu > System > Software
  • HTOP is installed out of the box and has its own menu item.
  • The graphical screenshot utility has switched from pyshot to xfce4-screenshooter.
  • Symlinks are in place so any installed Snaps and Flatpaks will now show up in the main menu.
  • There is a new “find your mouse cursor” keyboard shortcut (Alt+C)
  • The Chromium web browser has been replaced Firefox again (who knows, one day we might make our minds up) ;)
  • New Gtk Themes, based on Arc but with a few tweaks and some additional color choices, including the red default.
  • Awesome new Artwork courtesy of Karl Schneider .. many thanks, Karl.
  • New Microsoft Office Online SSB’s .. Even though these are simply links to the free online ‘web app’ version of Office, we are fully aware some people won’t like anything containing the word ‘Microsoft’ on their system, so please be aware they are easily removed from within the ICE application with just a couple of mouse clicks.
  • New Skye Web Client SSB. This is mainly for 32bit users because Microsoft no longer creates a 32bit native Skype client for Linux. So if you’re running 32bit Peppermint and require Skype, this is the only way to access it.
  • ICE now has a few international translations (and will gain more over time via updates), it has also been fixed to remove the ‘half’ green lock symbol that displayed when on SSL sites.
  • The Kernel is now the 4.15 series (4.15.0-23 on the ISO)
  • The Nemo file manager is now version 3.6.5
  • We’re now back at with the upstream Ubuntu version of Gdebi which has the uninstall option (the previous version did not).
  • And Peppermint 9 is now the 18.04 LTS code base, so has access to all the latest software.
You can also read Peppermint OS 9 release announcement in project's official website.

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