OnlyOffice Desktop Editors 5.1 released with a tabbed interface

Mr. Michael, on behalf of OnlyOffice project, has announced the release of OnlyOffice Desktop Editors 5.1, the latest stable release of enterprise quality office productivity suite. This release introduces multiple fresh features including a tabbed interface to access various tools & configuration options easily.

The tabbed interface is adopted into the desktop application from the online version of the product and offers the same experience as the online version. The tabbed interface will make the application more accessible and familiar to the newbies. It also helps to accommodate the growing list of features.
With the new toolbar, we have updated many capabilities of the editors and added several useful features distributed among the tabs:

Document editor. In the References tab, you can find a new Table of Contents Feature, next to Hyperlinks and Footnotes. For better navigation around the document ( based on Table of Contents), we added a Navigation button located on the left side panel.

All collaboration features have been moved to Collaboration tab (Comments, Version History, Sharing, etc.). Besides the toolbar updates, we also added export to RTF in the document editor.

Spreadsheet editor. We have added 11 new formulas and improved cell formatting with new date formats and regional presets.

Presentation editor. Presentations now support special paste, and presentation-level comments.
The OnlyOffice Desktop Editor 5.1 is available as AppImage for GNU/Linux distributions and it can be installed in any distribution without any additional dependencies.

You can read OnlyOffice Desktop Editors 5.1 release announcement in project's blog.

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11 June 2018 at 12:08 delete

Hope they add RTL support in this version.
This is absolutely the best alternative office suite for MS Office.