Pinguy OS 18.04 Beta released for testing

Within 3 days after Alpha release, Pinguy OS team has announced the availability of Pinguy OS 18.04 beta testing. This is a development release and hence won't be completely free from issues. However, there are many things fixed and polished after the alpha release.

A preview of Pinguy OS 18.04 beta - Courtesy : Pinguy OS

The Pinguy OS team has reduced the size of installation images by removing several packages. So, this release can be considered as a mini edition. A full experience can be obtained by installing a few additional packages.

The main issues fixed in Pinguy OS 18.04 Beta release can be summarized as:
  • Fixed the naming and logo in gnome control center and other branding issues.
  • Fixed the cursor theme so it works with Shell (dragging icons).
  • Removed Docky and replaced it with Simple Dock & Places Status Indicator extensions.
  • Audio levels can go past 100% by default.
  • Made the Wayland session work with root app.
  • Reduced the size of the ISO.
  • Reduced memory footprint.
For further details, read Pinguy OS 18.04 beta release announcement.

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