Pinguy OS 18.04 Alpha is available now for testing

The Pinguy OS team has announced the immediate availability of Pinguy OS 18.04 Alpha for testing. Pinguy OS is an Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution with prime goal of providing a simple and easy to use user experience, everything works out-of-the-box, and visually appealing operating system for beginners.

A preview of Pinguy OS 18.04 Alpha
Pinguy OS 18.04 Alpha is based on recently released Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and hence brings numerous package updates along with other cool Pinguy specific features. Pinguy 18.04 Alpha can be considered as a mini edition as it comes with a few essential packages only. Some of the packages from the GNOME ecosystem has been replaced with corresponding applications from MATE ecosystem hoping a better user experience.
This is basically the Mini. All it really has installed is Firefox, VLC and Deluge.Docky is very unstable. It crashes often but its run from a script that will restart it if it crashes. Peerflix is installed and working. Some of the default Gnome apps have been replaced with MATE versions. I really did not like the new Gedit so replaced it with Pluma. If you use the Gedit command it will open Pluma. That is so all the guides on the forum and other sites that use Gedit in their guides will work fine.
For more information and screenshots, see Pinguy OS 18.04 Alpha release announcement published in project's website. 

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