Korora team is taking a break, the future of the project is uncertain

After spending a few years with open source community, Korora developers are taking a break from the Korora project development activities. The Korora project was able to provide a decent user experience on top of Fedora with, out of the box multimedia experience and a range of desktop environments. All these activities were carried out by a small team consisting of one developer and two community managers.

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Since the very beginning, Korora was a comparatively smaller project and it was not able to produce any significant income to be self-sustainable. Also, the Korora team is not a situation to put a major share of their time on project's day to day requirements. Hence, they decided to take a break and may come back in future if the time and circumstances permit.
We would first like to thank each and every one of you that ever took the time to download our little project, install it and provide some feedback, positive or otherwise. It's people like you that genuinely make the project worthwhile. To build something and have others use it is one of the most rewarding endeavours we've ever felt. We're not one for many words and so we'll get straight to the point: Korora for the forseeable future is not going to be able to march in cadence with the Fedora releases. In addition to that, for the immediate future there will be no updates to the Korora distribution. Our team is infinitesimal (currently 1 developer and 2 community managers) compared to many other distributions, we don't have the luxury of being able to dedicate the amount of time we would like to spend on the project and still satisfy our real life obligations. So we are taking a little sabbatical to avoid complete burn out and rejuvenate ourselves and our passion for Korora/Fedora and wider open source efforts.
Read the original announcement, in Korora website. You can also read about Korora in our gallery page.

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