Fedora 26 approaches it's end of life

Following the release of Fedora 28, it's second predecessor, Fedora 26 is approaching it's end of life. Fedora 26 will officially complete it's life cycle on 1st June 2018 after serving 325 days. Within this time period Fedora 26 has received around 10,000 updates from Fedora community.

Fedora 26 Preview
The Fedora Magazine has published a blog post announcing the end of period of Fedora 26 and it also includes some statistics on Fedora 26 release.
As readers may be aware, Fedora 28 recently released to great acclaim. That means Fedora 26 hits its End of Life (EOL) status on June 1, 2018. Read more here about what this means, and what steps you can take with your older Fedora systems.

After June 1, packages in the Fedora 26 repositories no longer receive any security, bugfix, or enhancement updates. Furthermore, at that point the community adds no new packages to the F26 collection.

The Fedora Project highly recommends you upgrade all systems to Fedora 28 or Fedora 27 before the EOL date. Upgrades are an easy way to keep your system setup while you move to the latest technology.

Fedora 26 was released in July 2017. During its lifetime, the Fedora community published nearly 10,000 updates to the F26 repositories. Fedora 26 Workstation featured version 3.24 of GNOME. The release also carried numerous improvements and highlights like A new partitioning tool in Anaconda for expert setup, DNF 2.5 with new software management capabilities and The Python Classroom Lab which helps educators introduce students to the latest technology
You can refer original blog post to know more on Fedora 26 and Fedora life cycle. You may also read our gallery page for Fedora, to know more about Fedora.

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