Endless OS 3.4.0 released with data plan specific updates, android file sharing service & more

The Endless OS team has announced the immediate public availability of Endless OS 3.4.0, latest major release of GNU/Linux distribution featuring a custom desktop environment powered GNOME 3.x, and other native applications. This release includes several enhancements and improvements, including the ability to tune updates based on the data plan that is being used, a content sharing services required for pairing with android devices ..etc.

A preview of Endless OS 3.4.0 - (Courtesy - Endless OS project)
The main features introduced in Endless OS 3.4.0 can be briefed as
  • Endless OS 3.4.0 enables users to configure the data plan that is being used to selectively update the packages. If the user has access to a high speed and cheap data connect, then an extreme update strategy will be used. Earlier, the Endless OS used to automatically detect the net connection speed. Now with manual tuning, user has more power over their system.

    This release also provide the ability to schedule the update time, so that you can ensure that business hours are not disturbed by the update process.
  • Endless OS 3.4.0 includes an updated App Center which enables the system update through App Center itself. This will notify users when there is an update available for the system.
  • The Endless OS team is working on a companion app to access the Android screen on your desktop. The application development is an ongoing activity. As a part of this, Endless OS 3.4.0 includes content sharing services required to enable pairing of the system with android devices.
  • Endless OS makes use GNOME 3.26 which includes several improvements and cool features including redesigned settings app.
  • Some apps, like Dropbox and Slack, still use the older system tray interface for icons while they are running. In previous releases of Endless OS, these were kept separate from the bottom panel in a section of their own. That separate section has been removed in the latest version of GNOME, so we have moved the system tray icons into the bottom panel alongside the system’s own icons.
  • With Linux Kernel 3.15 Endless OS provides better support for modern hardware resources.
For more detailed description and screenshots, see Endless OS 3.4.0 release announcement.

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