Budgie Desktop getting remerged with Solus Project

A while after keeping Budgie Desktop as in independent project, it is getting merged with Solus Project, the original developers. This decision was made by the team considering the lack of contribution from other projects using Budgie Desktop.

The Solus project has observed that keeping Budgie as a separate project does not help in its growth and other projects using budgie is adding their own vendor-specific values. Overall, it is diminishing the brand value of Budgie Desktop. Considering this point, the budgie-desktop repository is merged with solus-project repository and the further development activities will mainly focus the goals of Solus operating system.

Budgie Desktop on Solus 3

As of May 20th, 2018, the Budgie Desktop project has been merged back into the Solus Project umbrella, making it a distinct Solus project once more. Contributions from all distributions, projects and individuals are welcome provided they add value and are of sufficient quality. We're happy to discuss test pull requests, which should be appropriately labeled as being Request For Comment [RFC].

Please note that we will NOT accept pull requests to add Pythonic applets. Any applets should be written in either C or Vala. Pull requests modifying any C source code should ensure to stick with code compliance. Run ./update_format.sh to ensure coding standards are respected. (Requires clang-format and misspell)

This decision has been made after a long time having Budgie Desktop being a separate project, which to this date has only repeatedly harmed the Budgie Desktop project due to other projects specifically looking to add vendor specific value-add and ensuring it is never upstream within this project. As such the project is now officially back under the stewardship of Solus (original authors) and will be developed with our goals in mind, as it once was. It should also be observed that Budgie has been an incredibly quiet project for almost the entire duration of the project being split out from Solus. This will now be remedied as we merge back into Solus, and all previous decisions will now be re-evaluated (Qt? Wayland? gtk4? etc).
You can read original announcement in Budgie Desktop README page.

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