ArchLabs 2018.05 released with more polished user experience

The ArchLabs team has announced the release of ArchLabs 2018.05, the latest stable release of Arch based GNU/Linux distribution that offers a minimal desktop experience with high customizability. The main focus of ArchLabs 2018.05 was polishing some rough edges of the distribution and the team has spent a significant amount of time and effort on this activity.

A preview of ArchLabs
The main highlights from ArchLabs 2018.05 includes:
  • LightDM has been completely removed, as a result you will be auto-logged in to your desktop.  For those who prefer to use LightDM, you can reinstall this from AL-Hello.  Openbox has been set as default but you can change this by editing your ~/.xinitrc and changing your session to your preferred WM/DE.
  • All ArchLabs related packages have been refreshed. Jgmenu especially has had an update and is in fine form.  We are really happy with jgmenu, it is developing into one of the best menu utilities out there for Linux.
  • We have a new default wallpaper, created by Karl Schneider, considerable inspiration (as usual) comes from BunsenLabs and this time Manjaro and their new Openbox spin had an influence on the outcome as well.
  • Neofetch has been removed and replaced with Al-Info, this can display a ASCII ArchLabs and your system information.  Read more about AL-Info here.
  • The deprecation of gksu has resulted in it’s removal from ArchLabs.  Any applications requiring root will now make use of pkexec.
  • We have switched to gnome-polkit and have also removed lx-session.
  • We have switched the default theme to ArchLabs-Light and icons to ArchLabs-Dark.
  • Al-Hello has had further tweaking and polishing.
  • Minor changes, improvements and bug-fixes to AL-Installer
  • There was some more tweaks and improvements to the pipemenus as well, you can now install selected apps from the Obmenu.
For more information, see ArchLabs 2018.05 release announcement and our gallery page on ArchLabs.

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