Trisquel 8 Flidas release candidate is available for testing

Mr David, on behalf of Trisquel team has announced the availability of Trisquel 8 release candidate for testing. This release comes with all features and changes that we can expect in final release. Trisquel 8 Flidas is scheduled to release on 16th April 2018 if there is no major blocking bugs found during the testing period.

Trisquel 8 Flidas Preview

Trisquel 8 Flidas is arriving after two years of it's base release, ie, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. In earlier days, Trisquel releases used to come within one year after base releases. This tradition is broken by Trisquel 8 and it is justified by lack of human and financial resources required for development and testing activities.

Why Trisquel is important?

Trisquel is one among the few distributions that adheres to the free software guidelines issued by Free Software Foundation. It is shipped by removing all proprietary components and drivers from upstream projects. Trisquel is apparently the most active distribution in this series. So if a beginner user want to stick with 100% free software, he should go with Trisquel releases and a delayed release is not a happy news for them.

However, for advanced users, they have options like Parabolla Linux, or they can install a Linux Libre - Kernel in their existing system, which will ensure their base system is free from proprietary blobs and drivers.

What is new in Trisquel 8 Flidas?

Trisquel 8 Flidas is a distribution based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS release. In addition to all benefits from Ubuntu release, Trisquel 8 have following features.
  • Trisquel 8 is the first release from the project that ships MATE Desktop. Earlier releases used to ship GNOME 2.x and GNOME 3.x classic mode after discontinuation of GNOME 2.x project. The MATE Desktop is customised to look like the DE in previous releases and it provides a familiar user experience.
  • Removed all proprietary blobs and components from Ubuntu
  • Fixed all USB boot related issues reported with previous daily images.

Download Trisquel 8 RC

Trisquel 8 release candidate images can be downloaded from project's official download page.

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