Linux Lite 4.0 Beta released with new icon and system theme

The Linux Lite team has announced the availability of Linux Lite 4.0 Diamond beta for testing. This release marks the beginning of 4.x series which is based on Ubuntu 18.04.x. In addition to the package updates from upstream project, Linux Lite 4.0 beta brings a handful changes like a new icon and system theme, improved system backup feature with timeshift, inclusion of Shotwell for basic image editing and management tasks, ..etc.

A preview of Linux Lite 4.0 beta. Courtesy - Linux Lite forums

Linux Lite 4.0 beta is released to showcase the features expected in upcoming stable release and will undergo testing for one month. The final release is scheduled to launch on 1st June 2018.

The main changes in Linux Lite 4.0 beta release can be summarized as:
  • Minimum recommended specs have been raised slightly to more realistic levels (RAM, CPU).
  • There are no more 32bit ISO releases. If you still require a 32bit OS due to hardware limitations, Series 3.x is supported through to April 2021.
  • XFCE Pulseaudio plugin has been added to the system tray for highly customizable options regarding volume management.
  • Wallpaper. This is not the default wallpaper for Linux Lite 4.0 Final. Traditionally, our first Beta release in a Series features our codename image. In this Series case, Codename Diamond.
  • Full disk encryption now replaces home encryption in the installer (an Ubuntu implementation).
  • The new boot splash also shows you the password field in GUI for encrypted partitions.
  • Ubuntu no longer offers an opportunity to set a swap partition. A swap file is now automatically created for you which is a maximum of 2gb or 5% of free disk space (an Ubuntu implementation).
  • Compositing is now enabled out-of-the-box.
For more information and screenshots of Linux Lite 4.0 beta release, see original release announcement published in Linux Lite Forums. You can also read about Linux Lite in our gallery.

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