GitHub joins with the Fintech Open Source Foundation(FOSF) to support open source developers

Mr Jamie Jones on behalf of Github foundation has announced their partnership with Fintech Open Source Foundation(FOSF) to provide better support for growing community of open source developers addressing the unique challenges that comes with the growth. This partnership also includes technical organizations like Red Hat and Nodesource and financial organizations like Citigroup, UBS, and HSBC.

Github and FINOS partnership banner

Why collaborate with financial service institutions?

Most of the financial servicing firms around the globe build their customer-centric solutions with open source technologies and this trend keeps on increasing. This trend is also observed on Github where the contribution of members of fintech organizations have grown by 40% in the past year. So, the collaboration with Fintech will help Github to provide better support for growing open source community of developers by addressing the challenges and opportunities of financial service industries.

What is FINOS?

Fintech Open Source Foundation (FINOS) (formerly, The Symphony Software Foundation) is a non-profit organization that promotes open innovation in financial services. The main goal of this organization is to provide an independent and accessible dedicated forum that drives the innovation in the financial industry.

For more information, read the announcement made by Github on collaboration with FOSF.

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