Tor Browser 8.0a2 is released

The Tor Project has announced the release of Tor Browser 8.0a2, latest development release of secure and open source web browser dedicated to protect anonymity and privacy of users while surfing internet. This release comes with various updated components and bug fixes to take another foot step towards the mission of this project.

Tor Browser Banner
Tor Browser Banner

What is Tor and Tor Browser?

Tor is a software that protect users by channelling communications through a distributed network of relay servers run by volunteers around the world. It prevent people and software from understanding the browsing habits of users by analyzing the origin of request and the sites visited. It also helps to overcome the censorship endorsed by govt and authorities.

Tor Browser is a cross platform supported web browser that comes with preconfigured Tor. It helps users to anonymously browse the internet without downloading any additional software or package. Tor Browser is portable and can run on multiple platforms like Windows, GNU/Linux or macOS.

What are new features in Tor Browser 8.0a2

Tor Browser 8.0a2 is a successor of version 8.0a1 and it has following changes from the predecessor.
Common Changes
  • Based on Tor
  • Torbutton to 1.9.9 - which includes bug fixes and translation update
  • Tor Launcher 0.2.15 which fixes the issue of not escaping special characters in proxy password.
  • Updated HTTPS Everywhere to 2018.1.29
  • Noscript
  • meek 0.29
  • Revert bug 18619 (we are not disabling IndexedDB any longer)
  • Rip out optimistic data socks handshake variant (#3875)
  • Changes to `intl.accept.languages` get overwritten after restart
  • Add [System+Principal] to the NoScript whitelist
  • Disable Range requests used by pdfjs as they are not isolated
  • Make e10s/non-e10s Tor Browsers indistinguishable
  • Disable randomised Firefox HTTP cache decay user tests
  • Add a tbb_version.json file
  • Include git hash in tor --version
Also, there are some platform specific fixes like AF_INET/AF_INET6 related issues in macOS and GNU/Linux.

Where can I download Tor Browser 8.0a2?

Tor Browser 8.0a2 is available in projects official download page. This page will always include links to latest alpha release. Alternatively, you can make use of following direct links.

All these links are pointing to English version of Tor Browser 8.0a2.

For windows (32/64 bit , 64 bit)
For GNU/Linux (32 bit, 64 bit)
For macOS (64 bit)

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