Solus 4 won't ship snapd-Software Center integration with initial release

In an official status update, Mr Joshua Strobl, communication manager at Solus Project has announced their plans for upcoming Solus 4 release. The major plans for Solus 4 includes experimental support for wayland in GNOME session, delaying of support for snapd-Software Center integration, integraton of linux driver manager, ..etc.

A preview of Solus 4 development edition

What is Solus?

Solus is an independently evolved desktop operating system. The main idea behind Solus is providing an ideal desktop experience with the power of GNU/Linux. Instead of targeting multiple platforms at a time, Solus just target desktop users and the system is optimized for the same. In order to provide a better user experience, Solus brings its own desktop environment called Budgie. Additionally, it provides well-tweaked GNOME & MATE editions.

You can read more about Solus project & Budgie Desktop in our gallery project.

What are planned features for Solus 4?

In an official status post published on 14th February 2018, the team shares some plans for upcoming Solus 4 release.
  • As different from announced earlier, Solus 4 won't included support for snapd, a universal packaging format for GNU/Linux and other Unix like systems. The snapd integration is delayed as it will take some more time and the team don't want to delay the release of Solus just because of snapd. It will be provided as a continuous update on top of Solus 4 release.
  • The Software Center in Solus 4 will bring a fresh design along with integration of Linux Driver Management tool to provide better hardware support. This Software Centre will also make use of plugin based architecture in order to simplify upcoming snapd integration.
  • Enabling experimental wayland support GNOME session. It won't be used as default session in either Budgie or in GNOME as it is not stable yet for day to day use. However, the project don't want to stop their users from experimenting with latest technologies.
  • UI refinement for MATE Desktop
  • Budgie Desktop 10.4.1
  • Updated Brisk Menu - Modern application menu for MATE Desktop environment.

When Solus 4 is getting released?

By principle, Solus is a rolling GNU/Linux distribution. So, you can always enjoy continuous updates from Solus. However, in order to keep the installation image fault free and update, the team makes releases in a while. The Solus team has not yet shared any release plans for Solus 4. However, the development is going on now. And the team has decided to delay blocking factors like snapd integration. So we can expect Solus 4 release very soon.

For more information on upcoming Solus 4 and other activities going on Solus project, see weekly status update published in projects blog.

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