openSUSE Leap 15 snapshot enters beta state

Continuing the development of openSUSE Leap 15, the openSUSE release engineering team has announced availability of development snapshots with beta quality and the testing images can be downloaded from project's website.

Following the development model established by openSUSE Leap 42.3, Leap 15.0 will also follow a rolling development model till final release. It won't include any concrete milestones like Alpha or Beta. However, there will be some soft definitions like the rolling snapshot has reached alpha state and so on.
The first beta release of openSUSE 15 leap was recently released and there will be multiple beta snapshot releases as soon as some issues gets fixed or there are some package updates. This will be released after an open quality assessment process.

Some of the notable remarks on openSUSE 15.0 beta release can be summarized as:
  • The beta snapshots has a fresh look with Linux Kernel 4.12 and Plasma Desktop 5.12
  • RPM 4.14, one of the planned major update is yet to be integrated with openSUSE 15.0 snapshot
  • Currently updating from previous Leap requires some manual conflict resolution. This issue is expected to fix in upcoming beta snapshots.
  • The list of obsolete packages is missing. This issue is expected to fix in near future.
As openSUSE is a community driven GNU/Linux distribution it encourages more and more skilled users to download beta snapshot and test it under various workloads to expose most of the issues, so that it can be fixed before final release.

The openSUSE conferences at Pargue will be around the time of final release of openSUSE Leap 15. These conferences will provide more opportunities for the team to collaborate with community to make final release even better.

For more information on openSUSE Leap 15 beta releases, see original blog post published by the project.

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