Manjaro community announces Bspwm edition 17.1.4, idles around 120Mb RAM

The Manjaro community has announced the release of Manjaro 17.1.4 Bspwm edition, latest stable snapshot of projects community edition feature BSpwm. This edition of Manjaro is designed to make efficient use of command line and it consumes ~120Mb of RAM on idle state. It provides the Manjaro Architect as the only way for installation and is suitable to use as system rescue images.

Manjaro Bspwm edition 17.1.4

Some of the important highlights in Manjaro Bspwm edition can be summarized as:
  • Multipurpose Rofi launcher, combining window switcher, applications launcher, run dialog and web search into one
  • Breath gtk3 theme
  • proper chromium theming (manjaro-browser-settings-native)
  • included (but disabled) lxpolkit
  • disabled compositing
  • window handling for libreoffice and plank
  • awesome new wallpapers by @muser
  • icons and image previews in ranger (@oberon hint hint :wink:)
  • mate-notification-daemon for clickable update-notifications
  • Improved Grub theme (also on installed system)
  • Chromium with native window decorations and gtk3 theme by default: 
For more information, discussions and screenshots of Manjaro Bspwm 17.1.4 release, see original post shared in Manjaro Forums.

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