Linux Lite 3.8 released based on Ubuntu 16.04.3

The Linux Lite team has announced the release of Linux Lite 3.8, the final release in Linux Lite 3.x series. This release brings various package updates from base distribution, better support for LibreOffice and other Linux Lite specific enhancements.

Linux Lite 3.8 being a maintenance release in 3.x series, provides a smooth update path from earlier versions in 3.x series. This update process can be done either through graphical update manager provided with the system or via command line tools. Linux Lite discourage attempts to update the system from 2.x series and other development releases.

A preview of Linux Lite 3.0 Final Desktop
Some of the noteworthy changes in Linux Lite 3.8 release can be summarised as:
  • Better support for LibreOffice productivity suite.
  • A new Font Viewer/Installer
  • Linux Lite's custom Google based Search page as the home page in Firefox.
  • TLP has been added to Lite Tweaks to provide better battery consumption on laptops.
  • Various improvements & features additions for Lite packages including Lite Tweaks, Lite Welcome, Lite Update Manager & Lite user manual
  • Updated packages like 
    • Kernel: 4.4.0-112 (custom kernels also available via our Repository for versions 3.13 - 4.14)
    • Firefox: 58.0 Quantum
    • Thunderbird: 52.5.0
    • LibreOffice:
    • VLC: 2.2.2
    • Gimp: 2.8.22
For more detailed release announcement of Linux Lite 3.8, see projects official forums.

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