Kdenlive ships first beta AppImage for upcoming 18.04 release

The Kdenlive team has published a beta AppImage for upcoming Kdenlive 18.04 release. For more than one year, the team was focusing on refactoring of project code to make it leaner and more stable. The refactoring was also required to make further development easier.

Kdenlive 18.04 beta banner (Courtesy : Project website)

What is Kdenlive?

Kdenlive (acronym for KDE Non-Linear Video Editor) is a cross platform compatible, non-linear, open source video editor. Initially it was primary targeted for GNU/Linux distributions. Though, it has evolved to work on macOS and BSD platforms. There is a windows port under development as part of GSoC project. With MLT framework, Kdenlive supports many plugins and effects for audios and videos. It also brings title creator tool & DVD authoring tool.

What was going on behind the scenes?

The team had released version 17.12 on last December. Since, then the team was almost silent on what is going behind the scenes. Now, the team is back informing there were only a few reported issues with 17.12 release and hence most of the efforts were directed towards the refactoring of code base. The actual refactoring effort was started almost one year back.

Now, the refactored Kdenlive is almost ready to deliver to the public. So, the team has published a beta AppImage for the testers and curious testers. The team is expecting the contribution from the community in testing and reporting if any issue found.

How to install Kdenlive 18.04 in Ubuntu/Fedora/Arch or any AppImage supported system?

AppImage is a platform independent binary distribution. It can be executed on any POSIX compatible platform.

You can download Kdenlive 18.04 beta AppImage from project's file system.

Once the AppImage is downloaded, make it executable by running chmod command on terminal.

$ chmod +x kdenlive-18.04-beta2.AppImage

Alternatively, the file can be made executable by GUI method which will different from platform to platform.

Once the AppImage is made executable, it can be run as an ordinary application. Either double click on icon on run it from command line.

$ ./kdenlive-18.04-beta2.AppImage

For more details, you can refer original announcement made by Kdenlive team.

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