ArchLabs 2018.02 released with redesigned AL-Hello, obmenu and other imrovements

Mr Dobbie03,  on behalf of ArchLabs project has announced the release of ArchLabs 2018.02, a stable snapshot of Arch based, rolling GNU/Linux distribution featuring openbox desktop environment.

Preview of obmenu in ArchLabs 2018.02
Preview of obmenu in ArchLabs 2018.02
In addition to various updates from base repositories, ArchLabs 2018.02 brings some important changes. The main highlights in ArchLabs 2018.02 release can be summarized as follows:
  • The GoRice package is removed from the installation image as it created no purpose to the regular users.
  • The AL-Hello applications has undergone major changes. One of the notable change includes the transformation of `additional installation options` as a multi-choice screen instead of existing paginated multiscreen.
  • The obmenu has been updated to include most popular applications. The team is open to accept suggestions on apps to be included in future releases. Also, there is on option in obmenu to directly open the package manager pacli and install any available application. Obmenu generator is retained in AL-Hello, so that curious users can make use of that.
  • The AL-installer (based on ABIF installer) has undergone some minor changes and bug fixes.
  • The default wallpaper has been modified a little bit.
  • The ArchLabs Geany theme has had a tidy up also.  A few visual glitches have been cleaned up
For more information on ArchLabs 2018.02 release, see original release announcement published in projects blog.

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