Q4OS 3.1 testing image released based on Debian Buster

The Q4OS team has announced the availability of a new development image for upcoming Q4OS 3.1 stable release. This release is based on Debian Buster, the current unstable branch of Debian. Q4OS 3.1 code named Centaurus will continue it's evolution till the Buster turns stable. After the official release, Centaurus will be supported for at least 5 years depending on upstream support.

A preview of Q4OS inspired by Windows 10 look & feel

Q4OS 3.1 testing release includes Trinity Desktop 14.0.5 development branch. This branch will become stable when Q4OS 3.x will hit on it's first stable release. Trinity Desktop is a continuation of KDE 3.x project and helps Q4OS to provide a robust, reliable and stable desktop experience.

Quoting from official Q4OS 3.1 Centaurus release announcement:
We introduce the initial development build of the new major Q4OS version 3, codenamed 'Centaurus'. This release is based on Debian 'Buster' and Trinity desktop 14.0.5 development branch. Q4OS Centaurus will be in development until Debian Buster becomes stable, and will be supported at least five years from the official release date. Anybody is invited to try out the brand new version and report bugs and glitches,

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