Linux Lite 3.6 Final released with optimal repo chooser and intelligent search for documentation

The Linux Lite team has announced release of Linux Lite 3.6 Final, latest stable release of lightweight, yet full featured desktop operating system for low resource computers. This release of Linux Lite introduces a optimal repository choosing application and intelligent search facility for documentations.

The Lite Sources app introduced by Linux Lite team will help users to select the nearest repository for Lite applications. It will help them to download Lite applications in a faster way. Another highlight in Linux Lite 3.6 release is an on-line and off-line search mechanism for documentations which will help users to choose required documents in an easier way.

In this release, we introduce two major new features. Firstly, Lite Sources is a repository selector that allows you to easily select a software repository nearest to you. When new versions of Linux Lite branded applications are released, you'll now get much faster download speeds thanks to Lite Sources. The second newest feature for Linux Lite 3.6 is the inclusion of both an online and offline search engine for the Linux Lite Help Manual. Search results are highlighted to allow you to easily find the help content you need fast.
For more information see release announcement published in Linux Lite forums.

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