LFS and BLFS version 8.1 released with major package updates

The Linux From Scratch (LFS) community has shipped LFS and BLFS version 8.1, latest releases of tools and guide lines required for building your own custom GNU/Linux operating system from scratch.This release announcement includes variations of LFS and BLFS projects with systemd and without systemd.

LFS and BLFS version 8.1 includes various updated packages in tool chain and other package updates for BLFS also. So, it is considered as a major release.
The LFS release includes updates to glibc-2.26, binutils-2.29, and  gcc-7.2.0. In total, 32 packages were updated, fixes made to bootscripts,  and changes to text have been made throughout the book.

The BLFS version includes approximately 900 packages beyond the base Linux   From Scratch Version 8.1 book. This release has over 885 updates from the  previous version including numerous text and formatting changes.
For more information, see original release announcement published in Linux From Scratch mailing list.

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