Ubuntu based budgie-remix 16.04.3 is available now

The Ubuntu Budgie team has announced release of budgie-remix 16.04.3, 3rd maintenance release of Ubuntu LTS based unofficial community flavor featuring budgie desktop. This release comes with latest version of budgie desktop environment and several bug fixes and enhancements.

It should be appreciated that, Ubuntu Budgie team has spared their time and effort to prepare a maintenance release for an unofficial release, when they are busy with preparing upcoming Ubuntu Budgie 17.10. This clearly shows their commitment to the users who prefer to stay with long term supported releases of Ubuntu.

A preview of budgie-remix 16.10 - (Courtesy : distroscreens)
The Ubuntu Budgie team has improved the installation image based on user feedback and their experience with previous releases. Existing users of budgie remix 16.04.x can enjoy all the updates from new maintenance release using regular means of system update.

As per original release announcement, following are some notable highlights of budgie-remix 16.04.3.
  • Installation in any language – we have finally resolved how to install in any language supported by the installer
  • Latest hardware enablement stack (HWE) Linux kernel 4.10
  • Latest HWE Mesa and XOrg graphics
  • Latest stable Budgie Desktop - v10.3.1
  • Updated budgie-welcome helping you make the most of your new installation.
  • budgie-welcome now is translated with many languages and locales
  • Easy to use budgie-applets section to enable you to browse and easily install budgie desktop applets
  • Many more theming makeover options
For more information and installation images, see original release announcement published on Ubuntu Budgie blog.

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