Trenta OS is shutting down, the team will continue working on RainierUI

There are many cool ideas which never gets implemented completely. TrentaOS is one among them. The idea behind Trenta OS was to develop a beautiful, premium quality and reliable GNU/Linux operating system for the masses. As a proof of this, they had released one alpha version which was downloaded around 100,000 times.

Music player in Trent OS Sunrise Alpha 3

Despite of community interest, the future of Trenta OS was put in a dilemma since April 2017 due to lack of resources. Closing this dilemma, Trenta OS team has announced their plan to shutdown the operating system project. While the team will be working on Raininer UI - a collection of solid icon and gtk theme - which can be installed on top of Ubuntu. In future, the team is also planning to make it compatible with other distributions.
In April of this year, we paused the release schedule of Trenta OS to reevaluate our strengths and weaknesses to determine the future of our organization. We reflected on our goal – to bring a beautiful and premium feeling operating system into the hands of everyone and to enable content creators to utilize a great open alternative to the standards set by the industry. We believe we were on the right track.

That’s why today we are announcing, with heavy hearts, the end of Trenta OS.

Despite Trenta OS releases being halted, will continue the development of Rainier UI. These future releases will be geared at Ubuntu and eventually expand to other Linux distributions. Additionally, through a recent partnership we plan to help bring Rainier UI to a new platform, though we are not ready to make any announcements at this time.
You can read original announcement made by Trenta team in official blog.

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