Solus plans to develop a new distro-agnostic tool to scan licenses in various packages

After the release and well reception of Solus 3, Solus team is back again. In the weekly news letter of project This Week in Solus, the team has shared list of tasks on which they'll be working in coming days. This list includes Preston, a distribution independent tool for scanning source code for various package and determine whether all required licenses are included in correct way.

In addition to Preston, another highest priority task listed by Solus project is replacement of binman with ferryd. It will help faster indexing and synchronization of Solus repositories. In another weekly news letter, Solus team has detailed about ferryd.

After highest priority tasks, the weekly news letter has listed other tasks in decreasing order of priority.
High Priority tasks.
  • Snaps for 3rd party apps : In order to avoid the complications involved in managing 3rd party applications, the team will try to create Snaps for all possible applications.
  • Update X stack
  • Fix issues associated with Samba network sharing.
Other tasks 
There are some other tasks which are not of high priority for the project. This includes:
  • Upgrade systemd which will also unblock the entry for wayland.
  • Improve existing packaging and associated tools chains
  • Replace eopkg package manager using sol
  • Improve GPU support
  • Develop TLP alternative for improving battery life.
  • Implement OEM installation mode.
For more information on each task in TO DO list, see Solus weekly news letter in project's blog.

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