Linux Mint 18.2 stands out as best desktop Linux

It is not a secret that, Linux Mint is highest ranked GNU/Linux distribution in distrowatch. It attracts beginners and advanced users with it's smooth and traditional desktop experience. It can be easily used by anyone, even one without any knowledge of Linux boxes.

The zdnet portal has published a review on recently released Linux Mint 18.2 stable release. It remarks that, even after years, Linux Mint is continuing as best desktop based GNU/Linux distribution. With Cinnamon 3.4.3, it presents a very crisp and pleasant desktop with improved performance. Also, other features under the hood updates, improved update manager, cinnamon spices ..etc makes it to stand out of the crowd.
Once more, Mint's Cinnamon interface with its classic windows, icons, menus, pointers (WIMP) interface is simple and easy to use even if you've never touched Linux in your life. Cinnamon 3.4.3's look and feel has a crisp, clean appearance with easy to read fonts and colors that you can easily adjust to your heart's content.

While the new Cinnamon interface looks and works the same, under the hood it has many speed improvements. These include splitting the settings daemon and the Nemo file manager into multiple processes. In addition, the Cinnamon JavaScript Interpreter (CJS) has been re-based on a newer version of GJS, Gnome's JavaScript binding, for improved performance and memory usage. The result is a faster, more stable, and easier to debug desktop.
You may continue reading original review in zdnet portal.

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