feren OS becomes a rolling distribution; August 2017 snapshot is available now

The feren OS developers has announced that, they are switching to a rolling release model. As a beginning of this model, August 2017 snapshot is available now.

feren OS August 2017 snapshot is based on recently announced Linux Mint 18.2. On top of Linux Mint, feren OS brings various visual improvements and a large collection of applications which will find use in day to day life.  The main highlights of updated feren OS snapshot are:
  • Based on Linux Mint 18.2
  • Some of the applications has been removed from the default installation and it can be found in feren Welcome -> Recommended Apps
  • Alternative Themer Themes are now download-only
  • feren Welcome has received a huge upgrade, now resize-able, movable, theme-able...
  • The USB Boot Issue has now been FIXED!
  • HighContrast has a feren-styled Window Border Theme
  • More, that I've forgotten, because A LOT of stuff was done to make this.
In original release announcement, you can find more details and work around for common issues in feren OS.

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