Fedora 24 reaches end of life

Serving 13 months of support period, Fedora 24 is approaching it's end of life. This release is officially scheduled to hit it's support period end on 8th August 2017. After this, the packages in Fedora 24 repository won't get any security updates and no more packages will be added to the repository.

Unlike many other distribution, Fedora does not keep hard dead lines for releases. The general rule is, a release will go out of support in a small time after release of it's second successor. Following this rule, Fedora 24 is ready to leave it's support period with recent release of Fedora 26. If there is anyone still using Fedora 24, it is highly recommended to upgraded to recent releases such as Fedora 25 and Fedora 26.

Fedora 24 was officially released on June 2016. It was shipped with Linux Kernel 4.5 and GNOME 3.20. Over the 13 months, it has received around 10500 updates.

Fedora Magazine has published one official blog post on Fedora 24 end of life.
With the recent release of Fedora 26, Fedora 24 officially enters End Of Life (EOL) status on August 8th, 2017. After August 8th, all packages in the Fedora 24 repositories no longer receive security, bugfix, or enhancement updates. Furthermore, no new packages will be added to the Fedora 24 collection.

Upgrading to Fedora 25 or Fedora 26 before August 8th 2017 is highly recommended for all users still running Fedora 24.

Fedora 24 was released in June 2016. During this time the Fedora Community published over 10 500 updates to the Fedora 24 Repositories. Fedora 24 released with version 4.5 of the Linux kernel, and Fedora Workstation featured version 3.20 of GNOME.

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