Canonical collaborates with SnapRoute to create new switch stack for network operators

In an official statement, Canonical has declared collaboration with SnapRoute, an organization well known for creating and maintaining large data center network, for developing a new switch stack for network operators.

The newly proposed integrated network stack will enable a reliable mechanism for white-box and brite box switch deployment in large environments. In this stack, FlexSwitch - a microservice architecture switch control plane developed by SnapRoute will be integrated on top of Ubuntu cloud operating system which has already found its position in cloud deployments.

SnapRoute and Canonical announced today an integrated network stack, creating a rock solid software foundation for white-box and brite-box switch deployments in large environments. FlexSwitch from SnapRoute is a modern, micro-services architecture switch control plane, and Canonical’s Ubuntu is the most widely trusted OS in enterprise cloud computing.

The FlexSwitch+Ubuntu stack is certified on multiple white-box switches including the Facebook Wedge 100. It dramatically simplifies deployment and operations for out-of-band management, top-of-rack, leaf, and spine networks since the switch control software can be deployed as a normal Ubuntu application in the datacenter. The move to Ubuntu brings a new degree of freedom to the white-box switch market thanks to its huge cloud software ecosystem.
For more information on FlexSwitch and collaboration between Canonical and SnapRoute, read original announcement made in Ubuntu Insights.

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