Brisk Menu for MATE Desktop is getting better with favorites section and context menu

After a small delay, Mr Ikey Doherty, founder of Solus project has started working on Brisk Menu - a powerful and productive application menu for MATE desktop environment.

During past 3 days, there has been several commits on brisk menu repositories. These commits are related to new favorites section where users can pin/unpin their favorite applications and support for context menu. This development thread was started by cybre's pull request on brisk menu repository. Later, this process was taken forward by Ikey, and he has addressed various issues within past 3 days.

Demonstrating Pin to favorites option in improved brisk menu

Consolidating the recent improvements in brisk menu, Solus has shared one demo video in youtube.

Digging on github commit messages, following are main changes in brisk menu.
  • Cybre made push request with basic structure for Context Menu API, favorites backend and DesktopAppInfo actions.
  • Ikey improved favorites lookup with complexity of O(1).
  • Ikey made is_pinned behavior to expose as an API
  • Ikey removed all duplications from favorites section.
  • Fix some issues related with styling, segmentation fault and crash
  • Create context menu and make it capable to pin/unpin applications in favorites section.

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