Wordpress.com receives a perfect score from EFF for protecting Digital Privacy Rights

In modern age, it is very critical to protect your data from various intruders and state departments. As a citizen of internet, your data may be collected by different groups and organizations to monitor your tastes, behaviors or attitudes. In fact it is an attack on your Digital Privacy Rights.

EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) is an organization that study about the digital privacy rights of users and how different organizations are dealing with it. Based on the studies, EFF release one annual report named Who has your back.

Most of the organization tends to compromise with state agencies and investigative departments when it is about protecting data of users. Wordpress.com, one of the open source CMS system is doing excellent work here. Considering their effort to protect Digital Privacy Rights of end users, EFF has awarded them perfect score in latest Who has your back report. This is the 3rd time wordpress receiving perfect score in DFF annual report.

Following are the main points that made wordpress eligible for acquiring perfect score in EFF annual report.
  • Following industry-wide best practices.
  • Promising to notify users about law enforcement requests before turning over data.
  • Refusing to voluntarily provide government with access to any data about users for law enforcement, intelligence gathering, or other surveillance purposes.
  • Fighting for user privacy in Congress by taking a public position against the re-authorization of Section 702.
  • Standing up to National Security Letter (NSL) gag orders.
This last criterion is especially important in this day and age. NSLs are a legal tool that give the FBI power to demand data about ordinary American citizens without judicial review, while also prohibiting service providers like Automattic from informing the public or the users affected by the requests. The potentially indefinite gag orders associated with NSLs worry us, and many others.
For original story and information see a blog post published by Wordpress.com

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