Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Alpha 2 released with reconfigurable panel layouts

Years ago, someone has told that Change is the only constant in life. Everything in this universe keeps on changing to cope with it's surrounding. Adhering to this universal law, Ubuntu MATE team had conducted a survey to see whether it is  right time to take a call for the change. Unfortunately it was difficult to draw a conclusion from these polls due to mixed response. Satisfying the urge for change, Ubuntu MATE team has announced availability of Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Alpha 2, second development release of upcoming Ubuntu MATE 17.10 stable release.

Mutiny (Unity like) layout in Ubuntu MATE 17.10
As the community had diverse opinions regarding the layout change, Ubuntu MATE 17.10 is shipping with default panel layout. Listening from the community, Ubuntu MATE team has incorporated easy layout switch option in MATE tweak tool. It provides following layouts
  • Mutiny mimics the Unity 7 interface
  • Cupertino provides something similar to macOS
  • Redmond will be familiar to Windows users
  • Pantheon a hybrid for long time desktop Linux users who want some modern conveniences
  • Contemporary a blend of the best of the old and the sprinkle of the new
  • Netbook people still use them and this layout is for them
  • Traditional just like your Dad remembers it, and still the default
In order to complete these layouts, Ubuntu MATE also provides provisions for
  • Global menu, a feature introduced by Unity Shell in Linux World
  • Complete super key support. There has been multiple patches in mate desktop components and plugins to make the super key to work as per expectations
  • Heads up display menu : You can search for applications and open them without leaving keyboard.
  • App indicator applet
  • MATE Tweak tools has been updated with the ability to switch between layouts.
For more details and layout previews, see original release announcement published by Ubuntu MATE team.

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