Tails 3.0.1 released with updated packages and bug fixes

The Tails GNU/Linux team has published another updated snapshot of projects security oriented operating system helping users to surf internet without compromising privacy and anonymity. Tails 3.0.1 is an updated snapshot in Tails 3.x series and it brings several updated packages and fixes for various critical and trivial issues.

Since Tails 3.0.1 fixes various security issues it is highly recommended to use the updated system, instead of using an outdated system or packages. In fact Tails team always recommends users to keep updated packages as much as possible.

Following section briefly lists some of the highlights and bug fixes available in Tails 3.0.1 release.
  • Upgraded tor to
  • Upgraded Linux to 4.9.30-2+deb9u2.
  • Fixed interaction between SSH and GNOME Keyring. (#12481)
  • Fixed issue of Tails Installer that stops rejecting valid USB drives, pretending they're not "removable".
  • Made the power button and lid close actions consistent in the Greeterconsistent with the regular GNOME session.
  • Using higher resolution image in Tails persistent setup
  • Enabled Debian security constraint for APT sources
For more information on Tails 3.0.1 release, see release announcement and change log.

Download Tails 3.0.1

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