Mageia 6 released with Plasma 5, DNF, ARM Integration and tons of other features

The Mageia community has proudly announced release of Mageia 6, latest stable release of community driven GNU/Linux distribution which was initially started as a fork of Mandriva Linux. This release of Mageia brings tons of new features and updates.

The Mageia community has taken a longer period to prepare final release of Mageia 6, though the developers are confident enough to claim that, this period was spent wisely to polish the operating system and to make it more robust and usable.

Default wallpaper in Mageia 6
There has been a lot of changes in Mageia 6. These changes includes replacement of KDE 4 desktop with Plasma 5 desktop, availability of DNF as an alternative to URPMI package manager, availability of Xfce live image to test the robustness of Mageia on a lighter environment ..etc. Among hundreds of highlights and changes in Mageia 6, the team has picked a few to put in official release announcement.
  • KDE Plasma 5 replaces the previous KDE SC 4 desktop environment
  • The new package manager DNF is provided as an alternative to urpmi, enabling a great packaging ecosystem:
    • Support for AppStream and thus GNOME Software and Plasma Discover
    • Support for Fedora COPR and openSUSE Build Service to provide third party packages for Mageia 6 and later
    • dnfdragora, a new GUI tool for package management inspired from rpmdrake
  • Brand new icon theme for all Mageia tools, notably the Mageia Control Center
  • Successful integration of the ARM port (ARMv5 and ARMv7) in the buildsystem, allowing to setup ARM chroots. Installation images are not available yet but will come in the future.
  • GRUB2 as the default bootloader
  • New Xfce Live images to test Mageia with a lighter weight environment
  • While not a new feature, Mageia 6 supports over 25 desktop environments and window managers
For more information, see release announcement and release notes published by Mageia team.

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