Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya released in Cinnamon, MATE, KDE & Xfce flavors

The Linux Mint team has announced release of Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya. In addition to official MATE and Cinnamon flavors, KDE and Xfce flavors are also available for download. This is first time in history, Linux Mint team shipping all 4 flavors together.

Linux Mint 18.2 KDE Edition
Just like recent releases of Linux Mint, Linux Mint 18.2 is also based on Ubuntu 16.04.x LTS and will continue to provide support till 2021. This release is an incremental release in 18.x series and contains updated packages, user experience improvements and various bug fixes.

Some of the notable highlights in Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya can be listed as follows:
  • Cinnamon Desktop 3.4 which features better organization and management of desktop icons
  • Collection of Cinnamon applets, themes, desklets and other extensions which are commonly referred as Cinnamon spices.
  • Improved bluetooth support
  • A lot of refinements has been applied to Xed - text editor
  • The media player, Xplayer, also received improvements to its user interface.
  • It's now much easier to navigate in Pix. Keyboard and mouse shortcuts were reviewed and largely improved. They are more intuitive and more consistent with other applications such as Xviewer.
  • The Xreader PDF and document viewer received many bug fixes and improvements.
  • Just like Xreader and Pix, Xviewer's toolbar was also redesigned and it received support for dark themes.
  • The Update Manager received many improvements.
  • Linux Mint 18.2 features a brand new login screen. It uses the LightDM display manager by default along with the "Slick" greeter and the "LightDM Settings" configuration tool.
  • Brasero is still available in the repositories, but no longer installed by default.
For more information, see separate release announcement for Cinnamon, MATE, Xfce & KDE flavors.

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