Finally Ubuntu completes migration from LightDM to GDM

As a part of moving away from Unity stack, Ubuntu team has completed migration from LightDM to GDM (GNOME Display Manager). GDM will be used as default display manager in upcoming versions of Ubuntu as it will be more compatible with GNOME shell. The completion was announced in Ubuntu Weekly Updates of 14th July 2017, published in Ubuntu Insights.

It was a few months back Ubuntu announced their plan to drop Unity shell and the idea of convergence in favor of other emerging and market driven areas like cloud computing and internet of things. This implied, Ubuntu won't focus on creating it's own desktop environment and it will be using GNOME shell instead. The LightDM to GDM migration was completed as part of this desktop stack transition. Ubuntu 17.10 will be the first release of Ubuntu featuring GNOME shell instead of Unity.

GDM has now replaced LightDM. We’re working on the transition between display managers to make sure that users are seamlessly transitioned to the new stack. We’re doing regular automated upgrade tests to make sure everything keeps working, but we’re keen to get your bug reports.

We’ve spent time cleaning up the desktop seeds and demoted 70+ packages. This has freed up a little space on the ISO and makes things generally easier to manage.

Good news: transparent terminals under Wayland now work properly, thanks to a patch from Owen Taylor at Fedora. SRUs for previous releases are underway.
For more information and other weekly updates from Ubuntu, see original article published in Ubuntu Insights.

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