Deepin System Monitor V1.0 released; A new member in deepin app family

The deepin team has launched Deepin System Monitor v1.0, first release of feature rich system resource monitor application developed by the Deepin LLC,. Deepin System Monitor is youngest member in deepin applications which includes a handful collection of applications for addressing day to day computing activities efficiently.

The purpose of deepin system monitor is to provide as simple and practical tool for monitoring different system resources such as CPU, memory and network and for managing various tasks running on the system. Currently there are multiple tools serving this purpose which includes but not limited to gnome system monitor, mate system monitor ..etc. The key advantage of deepin software center in comparison with other tools is the way  in which it is presenting the content. Upholding the standard of deepin applications, deepin system monitor also provides a pleasant look and feel.

Deepin System Monitor is developed by Deepin Technology official Team, which aims to provide a simple and practical tool for monitoring usage of CPU, memory and network, as well as management of system and application process including viewing, searching and killing.

Following are key highlights of this release
  • Users can switch between dark & light themes without disturbing the UI design
  • Smooth transition between different views, say application listing, cpu monitor, memory monitoring ..etc
  • Detailed list of running applications and managing provision with context menu
For more feature descriptions and illustrations, see original release announcement published by deepin team.

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