deepin 15.4.1 unveiled with launcher mini mode, window preview and other visual improvements

The deepin team has unveiled deepin 15.4.1, latest stable and optimized snapshot of Debian based GNU/Linux distribution featuring stunning deepin desktop environment.

deepin 15.4.1 is a revised edition of recently released deepin 15.4. Usually minor releases or revisions comes with a few set bug fixes only. But deepin 15.4.1 comes with various visual improvements, bug fixes and updated packages. So it is almost equivalent to a major release.

A preview of application launcher in deepin 15.4.1 (Credit : deepin blog)
There has been multiple visual improvements in deepin desktop since release of deepin 15.4. These improvements includes a mini mode for launcher application, window preview when mouse pointer os hovered over applications on task bar, application starting animation and optimized 2d rendering of window manager. In addition to these, deepin 15.4.1 also ships fixes for various bugs reported in previous release:
As a revised edition, deepin 15.4.1 added Launcher mini mode, application start animation and window preview effect, optimized 2D mode of window manager, fixed bugs that forum users submitted and updated Deepin applications to the newest version. Launcher mini mode is added, back to the classic operating way. Two modes are provided for user to switch freely. Well-designed application start animation increased the interest to run application. It’s more efficient to drag and drop file to the application on Dock for opening. Window preview effect is back to make your dektop more vivid.
For more information and features previews, read original release announcement published by deepin team.

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