Debian 9.1 Stretch released with various bug fixes

The Universal Operating System development team has announced availability of Debian 9.1, first updated snapshot in Debian 9.x Strech series. This point release brings numerous bug fixes and security updates for issues reported in current Debian series.

Debian 9.1 being a point release in Debian 9.x series, existing users can directly update their system using regular apt update command. New comers can directly install Debian 9.1 snapshot to ensure that, they get most of the updated packages on first install itself.

Following are some issues addressed in Debian 9.1 point release:
3dchess Reduce wasteful CPU consumption
adwaita-icon-theme Fix malformed send-to-symbolic icon
anope Fix incorrect mail-transport-agent relationship
apt Reset failure reason when connection was successful, so later errors are reported as such and not as connection failure warnings; http: A response with Content-Length: 0 has no content, so don't try to read it; use port from SRV record instead of initial port
avogadro Update eigen3 patches
base-files Update for the 9.1 point release
c-ares Security fix [CVE-2017-1000381]
debian-edu-doc Update Debian Edu Stretch manual from the wiki; update translations
debsecan Add support for stretch and buster; Python needs https_proxy for proxy configuration with https:// URLs
devscripts debchange: target stretch-backports with --bpo; support $codename{,-{proposed-updates,security}}; bts: add support for the new a11y tag
dgit Multiple bugfixes
dovecot Fix syntax errors when sending Solr queries
dwarfutils Security fixes [CVE-2017-9052 CVE-2017-9053 CVE-2017-9054 CVE-2017-9055 CVE-2017-9998]
fpc Fix conversion from local time to UTC
galternatives Fix blank window when displaying properties
geolinks Fix python3 dependencies
gnats gnats-user: do not fail to purge if /var/lib/gnats/gnats-db is not empty
gnome-settings-daemon Do not add the US keyboard layout by default for new users, for some reason, this layout was preferred over the system configured one on the first login; preserve NumLock state between sessions by default
gnuplot Fix memory corruption vulnerability
gnutls28 Fix breakage with AES-GCM in-place encryption and decryption on aarch64
grub-installer Fix support for systems with a large number of disks
intel-microcode Update included microcode
libclamunrar Fix arbitrary memory write [CVE-2012-6706]
libopenmpt Security fixes: out-of-bounds read while loading a malfomed PLM file; arbitrary code execution by a crafted PSM file [CVE-2017-11311]; various security fixes
libquicktime Security fixes [CVE-2017-9122 CVE-2017-9123 CVE-2017-9124 CVE-2017-9125 CVE-2017-9126 CVE-2017-9127 CVE-2017-9128]
linux-latest Revert changes to debug symbol meta-packages
nagios-nrpe Restore previous SSL defaults
nvidia-graphics-drivers Bump Pre-Depends: nvidia-installer-cleanup to (>= 20151021) for smoother upgrades from jessie
octave-ocs Fix loading package functions
open-iscsi Speed up Debian Installer when iSCSI is not used
openssh Fix incoming compression statistics
openstack-debian-images Also add security updates for non wheezy/jessie
os-prober EFI - look for dos instead of msdos
osinfo-db Improve support for Stretch and Jessie
partman-base Protect the firmware area on all mmcblk devices (and not only on mmcblk0) from being clobbered during guided partitioning
pdns-recursor Add 2017 DNSSEC root key
perl Backport various Getopt-Long fixes from upstream 2.49..2.51; backport upstream patch fixing regexp Malformed UTF-8 character; apply upstream no-dot-in-inc fix
phpunit Security fix: arbitrary PHP code execution via HTTP POST
protozero Fix data_view equality operator
pulseaudio Fix copyright file
pykde4 Drop bindings for plasma webview bindings; they're obsolete and non-functional
python-colorlog Fix python3 dependencies
python-imaplib2 Fix python3 dependencies
python-plumbum Fix python3 dependencies
qgis Fix missing Breaks/Replaces against python-qgis-common
request-tracker4 Handle configuration permissions correctly following RT_SiteConfig.d changes
retext Backport upstream fix for crash in XSettings code; fix syntax in appdata XML file
rkhunter Disable remote updates [CVE-2017-7480]
socat Fix signals leading to possible 100% CPU usage
squashfs-tools Fix corruption of large files; fix rare race condition
systemd Fix out-of-bounds write in systemd-resolved [CVE-2017-9445]; be truly quiet in systemctl -q is-enabled; improve RLIMIT_NOFILE handling; debian/extra/rules: Use updated U2F ruleset
thermald Add Broadwell-GT3E and Kabylake support
unrar-nonfree Add bound checks for VMSF_DELTA, VMSF_RGB and VMSF_AUDIO paramters [CVE-2012-6706]
win32-loader Replace all mirror urls with; drop bz2 compression for source
For more details and download links, see original release announcement in Debian website.

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