Ultimate Edition 5.5 released based on Ubuntu 17.04

Mr Theemhan has announced release of Ultimate Edition 5.5, latest stable release of Ubuntu based, ultimate operating system which comes with extreme customization and several pre-installed applications. This release of Ultimate Edition is based on Ubuntu 17.04 and it will be considered as a non-LTS (long term supported) release.

Ultimate Edition 5.5 is built using Tmosb 1.9.9(Theemahn's Operating System Builder) and Ubuntu 17.04. The same version of Tmosb is packed with Ultimate Edition 17.04 and it can be used to build over 3000 custom operating systems.
Just like Ultimate Edition 5.4, this release is also made with AMD Ryzen support and can perform well with AMD Ryzen processors. AMD support does not mean no support for Intel, it will also work well with intel. Ultimate Edition 5.5 features Plasm as default desktop environment and is available only for 64 bit architecture.
Ultimate Edition 5.5 was built from the Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty Zapus tree using a combination of Tmosb (TheeMahn’s Operating System Builder) & work by hand.  Tmosb is also included in this release (1.9.9), allowing you to do the same & can build greater then 3,000 Operating Systems.  This release IS NOT a Long Term Supported (LTS) release, was built in anticipation of The Ryzen build same as Ultimate Edition 5.4, both rock on a AMD Ryzen.  I can almost promise your days of waiting for a releases are gone minus LTS.  Polishing releases takes time & I do not care how fast your computer is.  I will only invest so much time on a non-LTS.  Does not mean it will not rock out on Intel, however deliberate support has been added for Ryzen.
You can also find original release announcement in Ultimate Edition blog.

(4.3 GB, 64 BIT, Plasma)

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