Ubuntu Kylin 17.04 resembles Windows 7 in look & feel

Ubuntu Kylin is an official community flavor of Ubuntu targeting Chinese users. It includes exclusive support for Chinese language and includes some high quality applications like WPS office suite having chinese origin. The Ubuntu Kylin 17.04 comes with a brand new desktop environment (which is told as customized version of MATE) which closely resembles windows 7 in it's look & feel.

Courtesy : Distroscreens
The Linux Journal portal has shared a review on Ubuntu Kylin 17.04 and highlights it's close resemblance with windows 7. Various aspects of Ubuntu Kylin 17.04 has been covered in this review and it has been compared with other Ubuntu flavors and also with Microsoft Windows.
The 9th release of Ubuntu Kylin, our latest version 17.04, was released on April 13, 2017. A highlight feature in Ubuntu Kylin 17.04, which is shown in Figure 1, is a desktop environment similar to Microsoft Windows called UKUI (Ubuntu Kylin User Interface). It provides a simpler and more enjoyable experience for browsing, searching and managing your computer. 

Ubuntu Kylin is an official Ubuntu flavor with a featured desktop environment and applications. It resembles Microsoft Windows with UKUI, WPS suite, Youker Assitant and more, and it's especially suitable for users familiar with Microsoft Windows
Complete review can be read in Linux Journal portal.

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