Ubuntu Budgie 17.04 leaves a good impression despite of being a newbie

Ubuntu Budgie is youngest member among official community flavors of Ubuntu. It features beautiful, functional and efficient desktop environment named Budgie, initially developed for Solus, later expanded it's base to support a wide range of distributions.

Rhythmbox running on Ubuntu Budgie 17.04 (Courtesy : Distorscreens)
The Linux blog @ Darkduck has published a review on Ubuntu Budgie 17.04, first most official release of Ubuntu Budgie. This review appreciate Ubuntu Budgie for it's default look & feel, choice of applications, and availability of wallpapers(well, except wallpapers with debian logo and text :)). There was some minor display glitch while loading the desktop on live media, though overall experience was smooth and impressive.
Generally speaking, Ubuntu Budgie 17.04 left a nice impression on me.

It felt solid, fast and stable. There were no glitches apart from the screen-related issue at the very beginning of the boot process.

There were issues here and there of various severities. If Debian wallpapers in Ubuntu-based distribution can only cause a smile, the software search issues in the default package manager are something that should be really dealt with.

Of course, there will be some learning curve for anyone starting to use a new desktop environment, but generally speaking it will not be too steep for people who come to Budgie from Cinnamon or Xfce, or even from Windows. The only truly distinct feature of Budgie is the sliding panel on the right. Other components are more or less common.
You can read complete review in DarkDuck Linux blog.

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