ROSA Fresh R9 LXQt released; It can smoothly work with 512 MB of RAM

The ROSA Lab team has announced availability of ROSA Fresh R9 LXQt, a new member in ROSA GNU/Linux family. This flavor of ROSA Fresh is based on R9 (2016.1) series and features elegant LXQt desktop environment. ROSA Fresh LXQt is most lightweight release from the project so far and can work smoothly even on a system having 512 MB of RAM.

Courtesy : ROSA Lab
Some of the key highlights of ROSA Fresh R9 LXQt release are :
  • All LXQt components are based on the freshest 0.11 branch with simplified ROSA theme, without compositing and desktop effects.
  • For this edition, we use NewMoon (PaleMoon) web browser. Being compatible with Firefox ESR (which is used as a basis), it consumes significantly less resources.
  • Default installation includes some additional components for Internet users - pidgin, qBitTorrent, trojita.
  • By default, nomacs image viewer is installed (which also provides basic image manipulation facilities)
  • Rosa Media Player and Audacious players are included, as well.
You can also read release announcement and release notes published by ROSA Lab.

Download ROSA Fresh R9 LXQt
  • 64bit ISO (md5sum: fba5177ca40469322d5466e02f231f50) 
  • 32bit ISO (md5sum: 9b856d906bdf7f87e02250fa00e793e1)

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