MX-16.1 released with support for Adobe Flash

The MX Linux team has announced availability of MX-16.1, latest stable release of elegant and efficient operating system formed by a cooperative venture of antiX and MEPIS communities. This release comes with updated packages, refined user experience and other bug fixes. One of the key highlight of MX-16.1 is support for Adobe Flash.

Courtesy : MX Linux
MX-16.1 includes official release of Adobe Flash, included by special permission granted by Adobe. This will make MX-Flash deprecated. New Adobe Flash can work with both Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

Other highlights from MX-16.1 can be summarized as follows:
  • Improved system installer -
      a. The installer now supports home folder encryption. This is an experimental feature
      b. An issue with partition boot flags that affected certain makes of pc (Dell) has been corrected.
      c. Autoinstall now works for UEFI systems.
  • Official Adobe Flash included on the iso, with permission from Adobe. MX-Flash is not on the iso and is now deprecated. Install/uninstall option via the regular package managers, including MX-Packageinstaller on the "Popular Apps" tab. Note our Adobe Flash package will work with BOTH Firefox AND Chromium (includes original classic NPAPI and the PPAPI plugins ie: pepperflash)
  • Tweaks to default user interface, including a new default theme and new MX-Linux wallpapers.
  • MX-Defaultlook and MX Panel Orientation have been merged, with MX-panel-orientation being deprecated. MX-Defaultlook now includes options for "top or bottom" placement of the horizontal bar, as well as improved panel backup and restore capabilities.
  • New MX-Packageinstaller, with improved handling of "popular apps", plus access to the MX-test repo, debian-backports, and the normal "stable" repos, from the new "Full Catalog" tab (no messing around with your apt sources is required!). Treat the "full catalog" as a supplement to synaptic. MX-debian-backports-installer and MX-install-from-test-repo are deprecated and no longer on the iso. (current MX-16 users have seen this update already)
  • Updated Manual in html and pdf formats. Full translations into Italian and Russian.
  • apt-notifier has many bug fixes, right-click menu improvements, and a choice of icon themes under preferences (classic vs. mx16).
  • Updated translations across most apps and in the Wiki (thanks translators!)
  • New MX-Linux sourceforge site for iso hosting.
  • Libreoffice 5.2.6
  • Updates to Jessie 8.8 base.
For more information, see release announcement published in projects blog.

Download MX-16.1 TORRENT

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