Ikey Doherty leaves Intel and becomes a full time Solus developer

If you have been skimming through open source news in past two years, you might be familiar with the name Ikey Doherty. Yes, he is the founder and leading developer of Solus and beautiful budgie desktop environment.

Ikey Dohery was working at Intel for a while and his major work at Intel is associated with Clear OS. He was leading the Solus and budgie development activities in his fare time. Owing to his hardware, dedication and vision, both these projects has been well accepted by the community and the project was able to acquire a considerable amount of fund within a relatively short span of time.

As planned earlier, the Solus project was about to hire a full time developer when they hit the mission of $2500. When the mission was achieved, Ikey Doherty stepped in to work as Solus developer by leaving his job at Intel. This means a lot for the Solus community. When Ikey becomes full time developer, he can spend more time on addressing concerns of community and shaping his vision of developing an ideal desktop operating system and desktop environment.

In 4 weeks from today I will be moving to Solus as a full time developer. Originally we planned to support “a developer” once we hit the $2500 goal. However, I personally feel that this is a move I can now make myself. In doing so this will allow me to commit full time to Solus and all of it’s projects, bringing them up to the standards I want, with the features and experience that you deserve.

Whilst we have achieved a great deal so far, this has been through spare time. With this move I’m now able to dedicate all of my work hours to Solus, which in itself will result in a massive explosion in growth and development cadence for our project.
For more information, see original message shared by Ikey Doherty as part of a blog post published in Solus blog.

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