Ultimate Edition 5.4 - A fair release with a few rough edges

It has been 3 weeks since the release of Ultimate Edition 5.4, latest stable update of Debian and Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution trying to deliver ultimate user experience to the end users. This distribution is well known for it's large collection of applications.
Ultimate Edition 5.4
Mr Jack M. Germain has written a detailed review of Ultimate Edition 5.4. This review travels through different sections of the system in detail. Just before starting the review, he express his disappointment caused by nonavailability of budgie desktop despite of promise made in original release announcement. In his opinion, the default desktop environment with Ultimate Edition, ie, MATE Desktop is not a good choice for ultimate operating system.
I was not thrilled with my initial hands-on experiences in getting acquainted with Ultimate Edition 5.4. I found an annoying list of things wrong with it.
With many years of reviewing Linux distros under my belt, I have noticed a solid connection between first impressions of a distro's website and lasting impressions of a distro's performance. Let's just say that the website's disorganized condition, in this case, carries through in this distro's latest release.

One small example: I found no list anywhere of the minimum installation requirements for hardware. That proved to be frustrating. I wasted time trying to load Ultimate Linux on several aging computers. Some of the issues were memory- and storage space-related. Other issues involved graphics card inadequacies.
For complete review, see original blog post in Linux Insider.

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