Tails 3.0 RC1 is available for testing

The Tails project has announced release of Tails 3.0 rc1, first development release of upcoming stable GNU/Linux distribution aiming to deliver a secure, anonymous GNU/Linux distribution that values privacy of individuals while browsing internet.

Tails 3.0 rc1 as the name suggests, is a development release and not meant for day to day use. This release is mainly targeting testers who are interested to contribute to the project by exploring this release and reporting possible issues, bugs and vulnerabilities.

Tails 3.0 is going to first stable release of project based on Debian 9.x Strech series and hence it will include all updated packages from upstream. Other highlights of this release are -
  • mportant security fixes!
  • Upgrade to current Debian 9 (Stretch).
  • Upgrade tor to
  • Upgrade Tor Browser to 7.0a4.
  • Migrate from Icedove to Thunderbird (only cosmetic).
For more information, you may read release announcement and detailed changes log published by Tails development team.

Download Tails 3.0 RC1

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