Solus gets support for Plasma Destkop; though not official at the moment

Increasing the amount of diversity, Solus project now supports Plasma Desktop, a full featured modern desktop developed by KDE community. Currently, Plasma Desktop can be installed from Solus Software Center, however it is not officially supported at the moment.

Peter O’Connor,a core member of Solus project is working on KDE project maintenance for a long time. Over the time, he was able to pack  many demanding KDE projects like Krita, KDEnlive, K3b ..etc for Solus. Maintaining these packages brings a lot of dependencies including Qt stack. Peter is doing a good work by maintaining all these dependencies to provide a fair experience for KDE applications in Solus.

KDE Desktop in Solus Software Center (Courtesy : Solus Project)
Currently, Peter is working closely to provide more support Plasma Desktop in Solus. Once it is mature enough, it will also come as on officially supported desktop environment for Solus. This will add up to officially supported desktop environments at the moment, which are Budgie, MATE and GNOME.
For the sake of clarity, please note that the Plasma Desktop from KDE is not officially supported at this moment in time. It is however a project that Peter is working on, and slowly building up to be something useful. This in itself was enabled by the vast amount of KF5 (KDE Frameworks) software required in the repositories already for the “Big Items” (Kdenlive, etc).

Peter’s ambition is to eventually support a full Plasma stack on Solus, and through his long standing commitments to this work already, and to Solus as a project, he will be the official maintainer for KDE items in the distribution. The argument of stack complexity is already met and nullified.
For more information, see original announcement published on Solus project blog.

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